Industrialists’ initiative to support the transition of the Moravian-Silesian Region into a low-carbon economy

The Industrialists’ Initiative represents cooperation in the long-term process of transforming the regional economy into a more resilient, technologically advanced and sustainable low-carbon economy, which contributes significantly to the prosperity of the region and its inhabitants.

At the same time, the aim of the initiative is to contribute in the short term to the renewal, reform and strengthening of the region’s resilience after the effects of measures responding to the global pandemic COVID-19, to restart and restore the economy quickly.

The initiative is represented by the CEOs of major industrial holding companies, that, across sectors, employ 26.5 thousand people and generate a turnover of CZK 123 billion. These companies respect the conclusions of the Paris Agreement and are aware of the need to decarbonise their operations.

Specific recommendations – sustainable, innovative and digital solutions

We need enough clean energy to transform the industry. The rapid reduction of energy sources from fossil fuels is a threat to the operation of energy-intensive industrial plants. For the transitional phase, we see it as necessary to use the capacity of natural gas and at the same time we strongly support the rapid growth of energy from renewable sources.

To ensure cost-effective electrification, it is necessary to strengthen the distribution network, support smart energy grids, and support charging infrastructure for e-mobility. We see great potential in the use of hydrogen, which can be used both in mobility and in technological processes in industry, as well as in other alternative fuels, which can be a key element of decarbonisation.

An essential part of the modernization of the industry is massive digitization, automation and robotics, the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Only in this way it is possible to maintain the competitiveness of companies in the region.

We see the need for new competencies in the process of company transformation, to which the education system in the region should also respond, at all levels. Without technically educated people, the transition to a low-carbon economy will not be possible.

Research and development (not only corporate) will play a key role in the modernization process of our companies. Substantial capacities of public research institutions and universities for applied research and development, or for technology transfer to companies, is also very important. A major topic for R&D is energy storage and carbon capture, storage and utilization.

We are convinced of the potential to make more use of the principles of circular economy, where there is also a lot of room for research and development activities.

Just transition

The costs of companies switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon operation are very high. Historically, the development of industry and its focus is connected with coal mining and related industries (steel production, heavy engineering, etc.). Production processes will need to be significantly redesigned and investments made into new production methods and equipment will be necessary. The requested changes are radical and will not, in some cases, be economically feasible without public support.

“No one left behind” is the motto of the newly created Just Transition Mechanism, which should use EU funds to support the transition to a low-carbon economy of about a hundred coal and carbon-intensive regions in the EU. The Moravian-Silesian Region is one of the selected coal regions and will receive resources for the transition from the Just Transition Fund and other EU support instruments.

Part of the MSR Industrialists Initiative is also the ambition of a transparent dialogue with the self-government of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the creation of the Territorial Just Transition Plan and the setting of transition priorities. Similarly, the common ambition of industrialists is towards dialogue with the national and European levels.

Joint declaration:

With this initiative of industrialists, we express our will to be a partner in the transition of the Moravian-Silesian Region, where we want to continue to do business sustainably. Our effort is to contribute to the resilience, sustainability and self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic and the EU through our work and production.

AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s. (MTX Group a.s.)David Bečvář
BONATRANS GROUP a.s.Jakub Weimann
Brose CZ spol. s r.o.Niclas Pfüller-von Wobesser
Liberty Ostrava a.s.Pascal Genest
OSTROJ a.s.Dalibor Kunčický
TATRA TRUCKS a.s.Pavel Lazar
VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.Dmitrij Ščuka

Do you want to join us?

If you are interested in joining the initiative, please contact the secretary of the initiative.
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